Your Energy Can Flow Freely


"Energy Healing is a natural non-invasive, gentle process that seeks to remove the root cause of energy blockages.   It  releases the buildup of negative emotion, freeing trauma and activating your body’s natural healing system. Repairing, restoring and allowing your energy to flow freely once again." 

I Believe in Natural Healing

"I believe you can become the happiest, healthiest version of yourself. By removing energy blocks that may be hindering your wellbeing, I can guide your mind, body and soul to learn how to access your full natural healing potential and revitalise your wellbeing!” 

Freedom to Enjoy your Life

Revitalising your wellbeing through energy healing can help you regain radiant good health and the vitality that will give you your freedom to do the things you enjoy.

Are You Searching For

Hello, I am Mary Gaynor.  Welcome to “Revitalise Wellbeing”. 

I have been practicing Energy Healing for a number of years and have trained with a Master Healer to learn how to refine my natural ability to heal others. I have seen such a wonderful change in people after the burden of negative energy has been cleared.


  • Master Energy Healer
  • Medical Medium
  • Wellness Advocate
  • Professional Member IICT

Feeling the Flow of Universal Energy

I can feel the flow of universal energy around the earth and through each and every one of us and it is this powerful energy force that I have learnt to harness to heal and repair through energy healing.

I Specialise in Healing:

  • Stress and PTSD
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Trauma and grief
  • Hormones and Menopausal symptoms
  • Digestive disorders
  • Headaches & Migraines
  • Allegies and skin disorders
  • Lethargy and sickness
  • Immune system
  • Injuries and pain
  • Chakra and soul repair & balance
  • Sleep disorders
  • Poor memory and brain fog


Nicola, Windsor

Mary has helped me improve my health in many ways. Her techniques have cured years of stomach & indigestion problems. My levels of stress have decreased & my mood has never been happier or more balanced. I highly recommend Mary’s healing talents.Joc, Melbourne

Margaret - Melbourne

'From the moment of entering Mary's healing presence I felt at complete ease. Her welcome was comforting, warm and relaxed. Throughout the healing I felt a sense of calm and deep clearing as Mary assessed and identified where blocks could be released.Mary's unique intuitive process provides keys and insights to where deep healing is required. On completion of the session a...

Natural Healing


I invite you to read  the information and articles on this website to learn about this natural ancient healing practice and what it can do for you. Whatever your ailment, energy healing can assist you to heal,  to remove the root cause of your health issue so the physical body can repair and recover:- to Revitalise Your Wellbeing!

Feel free to contact me for further information
Take care, Mary Gaynor

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