Absent Healings

Energy is Universal

If you are sick or unable to attend a session, an Absent Healing might be a good alternative.  From the comfort of your own home I am able to work on you as I would a normal face to face session as energy is universal:- I am constantly working on friends and family around the globe.

Distance Is No Problem

Recently a friend of mine called me from overseas, where she was on holidays.  She was in extreme pain with a toothache and was unable to reach any emergency care. After a short conversation, I was able to identify the inflamation source and remove it, preventing the tooth from becoming infected, thereby relieving the pain.   Along with other helpful hints, such as gargling with water and himalayan salt, my friend was able to continue her journey pain free.

Energy Has No Boundaries

Absent healing can sometimes be a difficult concept to conceive; but as with light and sound, energy has no boundaries: it is universal and I am able to tap into energy regardless of the location.

With energy healing, I can work on you remotely; and given the current climate where we are not easily able to access normal care services, perhaps this is the time to try something a bit different.

Convenient and Effective

For many it is a convenient way to have a session as I can work around your schedule.

A typical session will begin with a phone discussion about your issue, followed by the treatment and then another phone conversation at the end to discuss the outcome. As in a normal session you make yourself comfortable, play music and burn oils if you like and relax while I work from afar-your may feel the energy move within and around you as I work !  (You are able to move around if needed).

Plenty of Benefits

You've got nothing to lose but plenty to gain.

Please feel free to call me to have a chat or discuss any issues that may be concerning you.  Energy healing can address everything from small niggling problems, like toothache, to more serious issues such as digestive problems.  (See Specialities)  Payment can be via online bank transfer. You can contact me via mobile to book appointments.

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Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash