Healing Stress and Trauma

Throughout our lives we all experience stress and trauma. But because of our own unique set of genes and environmental and family influences, each of us will experience and react to stress and trauma differently . A seemingly insignificant event (sickness in the family, sibling rivalry) may trigger stress in one person but trauma in another, with  more obvious and repeated traumas (abuse, bullying , death etc) potentially developing into deep trauma  causing Post Traumatic Stress.

Our bodies have the ability to cope with stress and trauma for short periods of time but if left unchecked can have a debilitating impact on our health physically, mentally and emotionally. Our nervous system can become overloaded losing its resilience and ability to support when we need it, impacting all other body systems in the process eventually leading to dysfunction and sickness and eventual disease if not corrected.

Negative emotions connected to deep trauma and PTSD  have the capacity to lodge deeper into the body, subconscious, chakras and auric bodies further impacting the function of our physical system, eventually presenting as physical sickness impacting the ability to cope with every day life.

Energy Healing has the capacity to locate and release these negative emotions thereby removing the energy blockages and restoring the energy flow throughout the body. It repairs and restores all areas that have been damaged while removing the trauma and its cellular memory on all levels of the subconcious. It alleviates the impact of the negative emotions allowing you to move forward,  to a lighter, more peaceful life.

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I am passionate about helping you to heal and recover and will do all I can to support you on your healing journey as each session gently removes the layers of trauma and negative emotions. I provide you with tools and information for you to use at home, enabling you to be part of your own healing process.

The body has the most amazing capacity to heal and recover and  I am constantly astonished and excited with the powerful influence that Energy healing has in this process!

healing stress and trauma - happy girl in a field of pink flowers
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Do something your future self will thank you for.
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What is Energy Healing and how it can help you

What is Energy Healing and how it can help you

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