Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil extract is made from the entire cannabis plant so incorporates all of its beneficial compounds ( fatty acids, oils, flavonoids,phytocannabinoids) which support the endocannabinoid system.

This has a direct positive influence on many of our body systems including our digestive system, nervous system and brain and immune function.

Hemp Oil Benefits include:

  • stress management
  • aids sleep
  • healthy skin 
  • regulates hormone production (great support for menopause symptoms)
  • supports and boosts immune function
  • reduces inflammation and joint pain
  • healthy brain function
  • supports digestive system

Complemetary Aid to Energy Healing:

  • It is a great complementary aid for those recovering from trauma and sickness
  • It is a fabulous aid for times of  stress
  • It can be taken for the support of general well being
  • Hemp Oil can be purchased as an oil or in capsule form( Full Spectrum is the best) 
  • It can be added to food or to your natural skin cream
  • It is high in  CBD  not THC( psychoactive component)
  • It is completely natural

## As always, read the label and ask for professional advice before taking if you are pregnant or have an existing condition

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