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Mary Gaynor Energy Healing Caulfield

Mary Gaynor


Lightness, Beauty and Love

I am an Energy Healing practitioner, a mum and have had my fair share of stress, sickness and traumas. I love the beach, trees , flowers, live music, chocolate and wine amongst other things.

I also love Energy because I can feel it all around me. I can feel it flow through my body and around me and my surroundings. I can feel the heaviness of negative emotions and of dark and stagnant energy. I can feel the lightness and beauty of love, happiness and joy and as a kid climbed trees to feel their vibration and held crystals that tingled in my palms.


Energy healing and it's remarkable power.


After surviving a brain tumor and subsequent disease, I turned to alternative healing and therapies for help with my own recovery and found myself drawn especially to energy healing and it's remarkable power.

The effect this had on my total recovery was so profound that I became an energy healing practitioner.

Through my own traumatic experience, I now have the knowledge, insight and empathy to help others heal as I had.

Feel energised and enjoy life to the fullest.


I work with people to locate the root cause of their ailment and remove it so they too can feel energised and enjoy life to the fullest.

I am passionate about my practice and dedicated to helping and supporting those who come to me for a healing no matter what the issue.


Healthier and Happier World

My aim is to help reduce the pain and suffering in this world and to bridge the gap between the wonderful elements of modern western medicine and the powerful traditional wholistic practices such as energy healing.

The combination of the two would make for a much healthier society and a much healthier happy world . And that can only be a good thing for everyone !

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Mission Statement

"I believe you can become the happiest, healthiest version of yourself. By removing energy blocks that may be hindering your wellbeing, I can guide your mind, body and soul to learn how to access your full natural healing potential and revitalise your well being!”