Healing Childhood Trauma

Childhood trauma and it's relationship to Adult illness.

As a Master Energy Healer I specialise in managing and healing the root causes of Stress, Trauma and PTSD and have found that seemingly unimportant things and obviously traumatic incidents that happen to us as children can have lasting effects on our behaviour as we go through our adult years.

Did you know the trauma and stress that you experience as a child can have the ability to impact your health as an adult?

Free the energy blocked by Trauma.

Universal energy should be free flowing through everything including our bodies. Each time we experience trauma, stress and negative emotion, it can distort and block our energy flow and create blockages within our bodies.

Symptoms Can be Healed by Removing Energy Blockages

Repetitive patterns of negative emotions that start in childhood and continue throughout our lives can weaken those energy blockages further, making them susceptible to sickness and disease and if left unchecked, can emerge as physical symptoms as we get older. That neck pain you have had for a number of years may be the result of a traumatic experience where the negative emotion experienced deposited in the muscles of the neck, the constant stress may affect the digestive system in many and negative emotions that are stored in the kidneys may appear as arthritis.

Energy Healing Can Unblock Trauma

We all experience stress and trauma in our lives and react and respond in our own way. There are many variables as to how we interpret each distressing situation and so too how our bodies react to and then store the negative emotion expressed. For some an incident may have little impact but for another it may result in deep trauma causing PTSD.

This is the beauty of Energy Healing, it has the capacity to move these blockages that are causing the sickness or ailment on all levels restoring the energy flow throughout , allowing the body to repair and heal.

 Heal Your Inner Child

So next time you are having issues with your health , it may very well be related to a negative experience in your life going right back to your childhood. The good news is that it Energy Healing can assist in your recovery.

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