What is Energy Healing and how it can help you

Energy Should Flow Freely

The universe is made up of energy which should flow freely throughout the world and our bodies. Through trauma, sickness, stress, injury or environment, this free flowing energy can become blocked or distorted , with negative emotions depositing in various locations throughout the body .

Stillness Calms, Allows Energy to Flow

Person gazing out to sea at sunrise - stress and trauma can cause illness

If unattended these emotional blockages can become stagnant and weaken that particular body part or system, opening it up to sickness and disease. If the negative emotion experienced is traumatic enough (PTSD) it can be deposited deeper within the body system right through to the chakras, auric bodies and the many layers of the conscious. 

Energy Healing is Natural and Activates New Growth

Old stump with new growth - healing stress and trauma

Energy Healing is a natural non-invasive, gentle process that seeks to remove the root cause of these blockages. It  releases the buildup of negative emotion and thereby freeing the trauma, activating our body’s natural healing system to repair and restore, allowing our energy to flow freely once again.  Energy healing works not only on a physical level but also a spiritual and energetic one. They are  interconnected and work in unison so if one becomes unbalanced it affects the others and impacts the health of the physical body. 

Energy Healing to Maintain Balance and Good Health

stones stacked up in perfect balance by bright blue sea - healing balance

It can help you achieve and maintain good health but like a car , our bodies do require a regular “service” and by doing so you will optimize your health, giving yourself every chance to enjoy life to the fullest. There is an assumption that we should expect to become ill as we get older but if health issues are addressed early on, there is no reason we can’t go on to live full and active lives well into the latter years. 

Life should be enjoyed, so start your healing journey today!

This Moment is Yours

Woman with hands behind her head looking at peace and relaxed - energy healing